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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Injection for Early Knee Osteoarthritis - Result you can't believe

The therapy, known as platelet-rich plasma therapy and sometimes known as PRP therapy, or autologous conditioned plasma (ACP) therapy, seeks to make use of blood’s natural healing capabilities to heal damaged cartilage muscles, ligaments, tendons and even bone.


Platelet-rich plasma comes from a portion of the patient’s blood. The PRP injections for treatment have plasma with a greater amount of platelets than that present in normal blood.

How do you define plasma?

Plasma is the blood’s liquid component and is the medium used to transport white and red blood cells, as well as other materials moving through the bloodstream. Plasma is mostly water, but it also contains proteins, nutrients sugars, glucose and antibodies in addition to other components.

How do you define plasma?

As with white and red blood cells they are a common part of blood. Platelets by themselves do not possess any healing or restorative properties they instead release growth factors as well as various other protein molecules that help regulate the division of cells, encourage regeneration of tissue, and encourage healing. Platelets also aid in assisting blood to clot. A patient with a deficient platelet count or a deficiency of platelets could be prone to bleeding from an injury.

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How is platelet-rich plasma useful and efficient?

Platelets are a type of cell found in blood. They are most well-known for their capability to assist the blood to clot. They also contain various proteins known as growth factors.

Plasma therapy that is rich in platelets is based upon the idea that growth factors help in healing. The procedure, which utilizes the patient’s own blood, is a way of separating plasma cells from the blood which is the liquid component of blood. This process boosts the number of platelets. They are then reintroduced back into the plasma.

The plasma is now containing more than the usual amount of platelets. This is what a doctor may inject into an area that has been damaged due to injury or disease.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment in thane may help in knee pain and is particularly beneficial for people who have had no results with other treatments.

What does platelet-rich plasma therapy do?

  • Reduce inflammation and slow the progression of osteoarthritis
  • Inducing the growth of cartilage
  • Enhance your production of natural fluids within the joint, thus decreasing joint friction that causes pain.

Plasma with a high concentration of platelets has been used to treat

  • Discomfort and instability in many joints.
  • Injury throughout the body such as knee injuries and shoulder, elbow and many other joints.
  • osteoarthritis
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • chronic painful conditions
  • Strains and strains, sprains
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How does platelet-rich plasma work?

A medical professional will take some from your blood. They’ll place your blood in centrifuge. It spins the blood at various speeds until it is separated into layers. One of the layers is plasma that is rich in platelets. This plasma layer may be as high as three times the amount of platelets as normal blood.

The plasma rich in platelets will be injected into the damaged region. Your doctor may initially treat the area with local anesthetic. The pain in the area could increase over the next two weeks. It could take some time before you experience any improvement.

what is prp
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After the PRP Injection: Immediate Follow-up Care

 After your treatment, your doctor might recommend you:

  • The area is iced for 20 minutes at a time every two to three hours during the first two days following the procedure.A little swelling and redness could be noticed following the procedure.
  • Beware of activities that place stress on the region of treatment
  • The joint can be elevated at night by lying down in a position with the knee (or the joint that is affected) elevated on a couple of pillows.
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory pain medicine another pain medication may be prescribed by the doctor
  • Consult your physician before you start a vigorous exercise like cycling or running.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Effects on ……

Osteoarthritis on Knee

In the case of PRP treatment for knees, research have proven that certain types of treatment with platelet rich plasma may be effective in treating knee osteoarthritis.

The treatment for knee osteoarthritis is challenging due to the limited regeneration capability of knee cartilage. There is no cure for osteoarthritis. Treatment is focused on reducing symptoms and reducing the necessity of knee surgery

Chronic Tendon Injuries

Platelet-rich plasma might be helpful in treating tendon injuries that are chronic, such as tennis elbow. However, in the case of other tendon injuries such as the knee of a jumper, experts suggest that treatment with platelet-rich plasma might not be more efficient than conventional treatment.