Patients Expectation and Reality after Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is performed when parts of the knee have to be removed as they are damaged beyond repair. These parts are then replaced with implants generally made up of different metal. These help in regaining the lost knee functions.

The major factors that lead to a Knee Replacement surgery could be significant ligament tears like ACL, PCL or meniscus tear. Some arthritis conditions which cause bone layer depletion also lead to Knee Replacement Surgery. Factures that cause complete knee bones damage (For example, the knee cap) are also a contributor for the Knee replacement Surgery conditions.


Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery is also called as Pain-Less Surgery where muscles around the Knee Joints are not cut. Surgical Advantages of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery.

  • Fast Recovery
  • Walking after 4-5 hrs of surgery and staircase climbing from next day of surgery.
  • Short hospital stay 2 to 3 days.
  • Minimal blood loss during the surgery
  • No blood Transfusion.
  • Less Physiotherapy.
  • Less Antibiotic.
  • Stitch less Surgery.

Golden Knee Replacement Surgery is new hope for younger patients and metal allergy patients. Gold knee is one of the best implants available today and the successful too. It not only increases the life of the implant up to 40 yrs but also prevents any allergic reactions in patient.

Patients are still fearful of the Knee replacement surgery. Abscene of proper guilines plays an important role. Below are the facts that bust out the myths that surround the Knee Replacement Surgery.

Myths busting the Expectations and Reality about having a Knee Replacement Surgery.

1. Will have to use crutches for life


This is completely incorrect. The high quality implants that are super strong and flexible make it sure that the patient could walk normally without any support

2. Long hospital stay


Modern operation techniques has decreased the hospital stay.Patients go home after the knee surgery within 2 – 3  days after the surgery.

3. Can never fold knee after knee surgery


Knee folding is possible with Minimally Invasive Technique .

4. Longer recovery time


The recovery time  depends  upon patient to patient  but has reduced dramatically over the years. Thanks to the technology and modern surgery techniques and procedures, the patient can expect a significant recovery within few weeks and resume his/her duties.

5. Cannot use stairs


The patients can climb stairs on the next day of surgery. The initial recovery period is when the patient needs to take immense precautions as to not cause an injury or pain. With proper care and presence of mind, tasks like climbing stairs are no halt even after the knee replacement surgery.

6. Surgery is very painful


This is not true again. Though some pain is expected after surgery, but the operation methodologies used by tech savvy doctors have reduced the possibility of having the patient go through intense pain.  When the knee replacement surgery procedures were started, this could have been true, but no longer. There are minimal cuts, modern drugs to deal with pains.  So Patients gets Pain-Less post recovery and because of this patients start his knee movements immediately after the surgery which cause very fast recovery.

7. long physiotherapy



As muscles are not cut, weakness doesn’t ensue, hence physiotherapy is NOT Compulsory.

8. High probability of infections


Mini Invasive techniques, tissue damage is minimal, hence infection risk is less.but precautions advised by doctors needs ti be taken by the patient very seriously and followed


Don’t be scared about having a knee replacement surgery, contact an experienced surgeon and have all your doubts cleared. Don’t stop back to live an active life.

Stay Informed, Stay Active