Shoulder Dislocation is a common orthopedic injury that occurs when the ball of the upper arm bone (humerus) pops out of the shoulder socket (glenoid). This can happen due to a traumatic event, such as a fall, sports injury, or accident. The result is a painful and debilitating condition that requires prompt medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Shoulder Dislocation is often categorized into two types-

  1. Anterior dislocation is the more prevalent form, happening when the humerus is forced forward out of the socket.
  2. Posterior dislocation occurs when the humerus is pushed backward. Both types can cause severe pain, swelling, and limited range of motion.

Causes of Shoulder Dislocation -

  • Various factors contribute to shoulder dislocation, with trauma being the primary cause. High-impact activities, sports-related injuries, and accidents can all lead to the displacement of the shoulder joint.
  • Additionally, repetitive strain or overuse of the shoulder can contribute to instability, making individuals more prone to dislocations.


Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that has revolutionized the field of orthopedics. It involves the use of a small camera, called an arthroscope, which is inserted through tiny incisions to visualize the inside of a joint. The images captured by the arthroscope are displayed on a monitor, allowing the surgeon to assess and treat the problem.

If you are experiencing recurrent shoulder instability or have sustained damage to ligaments in conjunction with a dislocation, Arthroscopic Surgery may be a suitable option for repairing your injury.

Mindful Movement and Posture

  • Minimally Invasive: Smaller incisions, reduced tissue damage, and faster recovery times.
  • Accurate Diagnosis: High-definition images aid precise diagnosis of ligament tears and cartilage damage.
  • Targeted Treatment: Enables precise and targeted treatment, addressing issues without extensive tissue disruption.
  • Faster Recovery: Smaller incisions and decreased trauma lead to quicker recovery times.

Why Arthroscopy is Best for Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation

  • Quick Intervention: Enables swift intervention after shoulder dislocation, reducing complications.
  • Customized Treatment: Real-time visualization allows tailored treatment for each case.
  • Reduced Risk of Recurrence: Effectively addresses underlying causes, lowering the risk of recurrent dislocations.
  • Preservation of Shoulder Function: Minimizes tissue damage, preserving overall shoulder function for a quicker return to normal activities.

Arthroscopy is the optimal choice for recurrent shoulder dislocation, offering a minimally invasive, accurate, and targeted solution. Its benefits, including reduced recovery times and lower recurrence risks, make it a forefront procedure in orthopedics. Consultation with an experienced orthopedic surgeon in arthroscopy is crucial for a successful and swift recovery.

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